My name is Jake.

This is a personal website where the content is mainly just text. Expect many words! Website still under construction so things may look different as time goes on. I am currently undergoing the industrial div CGI bloat-free revolution. Home of the homemade banners 'looks like HTMLv1!' And Christmas themed!! (If website looks wrong, F5 or reset cache somehow: EVERYTHING looks different)

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Date 2021 Title Comment
Nov 19 Howtoo SSH over TLS This covers like 90% of what you need to know about SSH over TLS.
Nov 01 I am running a dictionary service Self-explanatory titles are self-explanatory. First rodeo into FCGI.
Oct 09 Have local copies of stuff Printed documents can't bitrot. Make sure to leave weird marks on the paper so historians will have a harder time.
Sep 10 Doppio CGI examples I provide CGI examples because Doppio does not.
Sep 09 Jake has a Gemini Capsule Capsules are close to what an ideal website should be like: strange walls of text.
Jul 24 CompTIA sell study guides (eBooks) that expire I unknowingly bought an eBook that expires and got mad.
Jun 18 Jake's Thoughts plus one year! I celebrate my website's birthday with a design change!
May 19 IRC thoughts I briefly talk about my IRC experience.
May 15 Circumventing brainlet Tor block with OpenVPN A resolution to the previous blog entry.
May 10 Tor Relays are NOT Tor Exit Points A company blocked my residential ipv4 address from accessing their website.
May 09 Alien Threat Awareness, Addendum An addendum to a previous blog entry regarding aliens.
Apr 30 Basic Meditation [Republished] tl;dr take good notes.
Apr 14 Bloat-free WOTD I fight big tech with my low tech wotd program.
Apr 07 Dnsmasq and OpenNIC 100% always working OpenNIC domain name resolution.
Apr 01 free* webhosting! (April 2021) I cringe post about wanting to host other peoples website.
Mar 29 iptables, tor, hidden service I take my first steps to hardening my RPI with iptables.
Mar 17 You can directly access ipv6 addresses with web browser Not everyone knows this!
Mar 08 Using OpenNIC to access alternative tlds I express my interest in the OpenNIC project.
Feb 25 Noticer Noticing IPv6 I cringe post about IPv6 - there are a LOT of addresses.
Feb 19 Audiobooks are dangerous I don't like audio books.
Feb 05 Thought-ception I explain my comment system.
Date 2020 Title Comment
Dec 31 rsync is really good $ rsync /home/jake/website rpi:/home/jake/public
Dec 24 Brief thoughts on secure communications with GPG keys in 2020+ Internet? More like... NSA-backdoored-net!
Dec 21 Capture the Flag: Decoding Nightmare A possible challenge that no one wants to do for some reason.
Dec 04 Alien Threat Awareness Schizo post about aliens.
Sep 18 Jake, with a slice of onion is on the hidden network!.
Aug 18 Major website update! Ah... I remember when I still had it.
Jul 02 Censorship A-hoy! I post cringe in a topic that should not have cringe... Worst blog post.
Jun 23 Using lb to quickly improve my blogging speed! Default Runescape character to the rescue!
Jun 20 My cat 😺 I have a cat.
Jun 19 RSS created I created an RSS feed.
Jun 18 Website created The birth of Jakes Thoughts!

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