My name is Jake.

Like all websites, the about me page must have a self portrait; here is mine.

Crudely drawn picture of a circle with what is probably hair. Eyes are circles and inner is green, the smile has fangs after a short period of time and then the image stays normal.

Self portait of Jake Thoughts, by Jake Thoughts.


Who am I?

My name is Jake. I am just a Linux noob who actually unironically uses Arch (did you know it has auto-installer now? Lol). Everything I know about Linux is because of Arch so I want to give my heartfelt thanks to it. I won't claim to have a lot of experience with computers but I will share what I find to be interesting or useful. This website was created as a way say mean things about the elite of the world but ended up being a place where I actually amuse myself endlessly. 'Would this be cool?' is something I actually ask myself often when it involves my website and if the answer is yes my next question is 'how hard would it be?' and if the answer is easy then I do it. Otherwise I place it on the back burner of things I want to do which to be honest is quite large.

I try to pride myself as someone who 'considers' all the facts then comes up with a reasonable blog/opinion post (if I do post it) but even I realize that I fall short often. I try to personify what I believe to be the perfect being, namely: Jesus Christ; Buddha; etc;, but again fall short because being perfect is... hard. Ironically, the easiest way to make diamonds is through stress and without stress no diamonds or other rare and valuable resources can't exist. Same for being a perfect being, whatever that might mean. I wonder what Jesus's personal website would look like, if he comes back to the fake and gay 3d physical realm and makes one.

My Projects

These are more plan than project.

Things that I like

My fears

Things I want