'' does not exist in this dictionary.

API: curl -d "word=the word" https://jakesthoughts.xyz/dictionary

You can put this in your .bashrc!
function lookup() {
	curl -d "word=$1" https://jakesthoughts.xyz/dictionary
If there is white space in your word make sure to add quotes! e.g. $ lookup "water lily"

Why does this exist? I created this for an upcoming blog post regarding FCGI vs CGI. I like to practice what I preach and preach what I practice, I think that this makes for a good policy for reducing idiotic posts. Not that it takes much to say FCGI is better than CGI because it objectively is. But to run this program each time someone wants to access it like with CGI? Starting Perl and loading the dictionary each time... for a single word? No. Waste of CPU cycles and generally inefficient; keep Perl loaded and the dictionary loaded so that it can just return the definition immediately.