My name is Jake.

Like all websites, the about me page must have a self portrait; here is mine.

Crudely drawn picture of a circle with what is probably hair. Eyes are circles and inner is green, the smile has fangs after a short period of time and then the image stays normal.

Self portait of Jake Thoughts, by Jake Thoughts.

My Projects

These are more plan than project.

  • The Game. There are other game projects, but this game is The Game. If I learn proper game-dev-ing, it is for this project alone. Prototypes seem to suggest that this game is doable even as a one man army.
  • 'The Manga.' Similar to the game, except I can't draw.
  • Comment System? I think this qualifies as a project.
  • Free* Webhosting Project. I offer webhosting with server side scripts, logs, etc. You can sign up through Tor, I2P, and modify your website through Tor and I2P.

Things that I like

  • Free speech
  • GNU/FSF project, despite the SJW tier stuff.
  • Good people
  • Outdoors
  • Falun Gong (Not the social movement which is described as cultish by actual members)
  • Making 'old style' advertisments for my meager website
  • Photos of animals
  • Meditation
  • Cooking
  • Dank memes
  • The color blue

My fears

  • UEFI only allows 'secure' os
  • Future motherboards ship UEFI without 'legacy support' and prevent the user from disabling secure boot and requires an active internet connection to even turn on (to make sure evil hackers haven't librebooted your UEFI chip). I am convinced that UEFI is a weapon to only allow windows, macos, and nothing else to boot in the coming future.
  • White genocide.
  • Not being able to find a job that doesn't involve risking my senses and/or my life.
  • Big tech wins.
  • Medical tyranny.
  • Becoming a debt-slave or a wage-slave.
  • Being drafted into WW3.

Things I want

  • To become a better person, eventually the perfect being that I can be. I think this is possible but will be somewhat difficult.