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Using lb to quickly improve my blogging speed!

Jake Thoughts23 Jun 2020 20:58:42 -0400

There is a saying that goes something like this: "if a someone is smart enough to create something, then you are definitely smart enough to edit it." Very wise statement. I have a three digit iq btw

Editing Luke Smith's lb script was an interesting experience. I made it so that the publish option will give options: personal or TMO or both (of course RSS feeds are updated as well). I've never worked with bash before but I have general scripting knowledge so that helped. All the '%s' reminds me of Python. Of course knowing how to properly use a search engine helped as well. Unrelated to the script I had to learn how to make a symbolic link with ln to get images to work since the Rolling Release blog page is in the root directory and the 'standalone' blog entries are in the /blog directory.

I will create a script that will automate SFTP and upload the entire website if upload source is newer than remote source because dragging and dropping the entire website into the remote directory with FileZilla is truly disgusting.

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