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Jake on 2020-12-04,10:35:11 said:


Jim on 2020-12-17,02:49:57 said:

Jake, Your site is an inspiration to us all. I must say I appreciate the time and effort you have put into this wonderful achievement. You are a shining example of what I hope the future to be. -Jim

Jake on 2020-12-17,19:16:21 said:

Jim, Thank you for your kind words, it really made my day! 💙

lilibyte on 2020-12-25,17:55:55 said:

Merry Christmas! Lovely site. :)

Shepard on 2021-01-19,02:19:10 said:


Ooooooorgh on 2021-01-20,17:02:09 said:

Yo yo yo

Grafo Volaverunt on 2021-02-04,05:12:43 said:

Great website man, keep with it! :D

Jake on 2021-02-05,23:31:15 said:

Thank you, Grafo! I really enjoyed your music, I hope you put more out!

Miranda on 2021-02-12,23:43:04 said:

Come shitpost at Anonboard.be

Jake on 2021-02-14,05:08:18 said:

No, I don't want to

Toeb on 2021-03-01,01:51:35 said:

Cool website! Currently working on my own site and this inspired me!

Jake on 2021-03-01,01:52:09 said:

Kek, thank you for finding the bug Toeb! I hope your website works out!

intercourse haver on 2021-03-01,20:00:54 said:

I want to sniff your feet

Jake on 2021-03-03,02:27:17 said:

That is a little weird, Mr. haver

kristakqo on 2021-03-24,08:42:17 said:

Hello, your website is really cool!

kaletaa on 2021-03-26,17:13:19 said:


MrExtropy on 2021-03-27,03:30:51 said:

Stumbled across your site via the RMS support page. Just wanted to drop in and say hi!

Jake on 2021-03-27,03:32:27 said:

all these new frens! so happy! 😀

jesus on 2021-03-28,16:10:46 said:

love the way you designed this website , i can tell you really put your mind and soul into it. wish there were more personal sites out there btw your onion isnt working (for me) , might wanna check that out :p

Jake on 2021-03-28,17:59:34 said:

Thanks for letting me know about that, Jesus! I'll take a look soon. EDIT (owner privilege): now accessible via tor... again :)

jesus on 2021-03-29,19:56:21 said:

Jesus here, thanks man! I, Jesus Christ, bless this onion!

Jake on 2021-03-30,10:18:05 said:

Thank you Jesus, blessed art thou. I shall cherish the onion forever!

faggot on 2021-04-14,11:56:34 said:


Ted on 2021-04-21,08:18:18 said:

The cursor is really cute l0l :P

fuhhhhh on 2021-04-22,05:54:01 said:

Best internet web site

Gentoo on 2021-04-22,05:56:58 said:

Install Gentoo

Kill-Animals on 2021-04-22,17:59:42 said:

Hey. Tejr from #sqt, from /g/ -- /sqt/ showed us this website. Most of your takes are pretty based, except that I liked Berserk 3D, and thought that the people complaining about it were being gay, and not taking into consideration the cost of creating an anime. Those same people, "TheAlmightlyLoli" are also quick to say how much they love Ghost In The Shell 2045, which is also 3D. Stop being so hard on Berserk 3D.

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