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My name is Jake.

Color Blind Test

Created by Jake Thoughts, on 20 May 2021.

This test determines whether you are colorblind or not.

Question 1: What color?

Question 2: What color?

Question 3: What color?

Question 4: What color?

Other thoughts

YES scored: null on 2021-05-27,19:21:46 said:

Tfw not blind

75 scored: null on 2021-09-16,22:26:50 said:

Btw, your yellow_triangle image seems to be all white...

Jake on 2021-09-17,03:52:15 said:

tfw 75 is color blind :'( Im here for you if you need me

test on 2021-12-05,12:06:13 said:

IS your last name thoughts

Quackers scored: blind on 2022-05-25,09:17:26 said:

what the fart ball! i'm not color blinded????? reporded fuk ur 8 proxies

Lol i am from SOG's video xD scored: null on 2022-07-07,17:18:13 said:

the title

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