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Commander Shred Peh

Created by Jake Thoughts, on 04 Jun 2021.

This test is a realistic test regarding various events one may experience as being a commander of a ship. Don't ask me how I know.

This test is designed with features that uses JavaScript, however it will work without JavaScript as the test itself is server side. You should view the JavaScript yourself to ensure that you are okay with it running by viewing the page source (it is only three lines).

Question 1: Commander! Alliance Command want us to double back and seize Cape Callporium by surprise! What do we do?

Question 2: Commander! We can't do that here! N-not in the hallway!

Question 3: Commander! The Alliance Human Resources Community have found you guilty of sexual harassment and other misgivings. What say you?

Question 4: Psst, Commander! I'm on your side! I can sneak you an item but only one!

Question 5: Well, then. That nasty business is over. My title of commander is still stripped from me. What shall I do to get it back?

Question 6: Commander! The crew is bound to mutiny! What do we do?

Question 7: Commander! We've spotted a planet making illegal transactions but the planet relies on them to survive. What do we do?

Question 8: Commander! The Alliance Command seeks our aid! How do we respond?

Question 9: Err, commander? These files the Alliance faxed over do seem kind of important. Look at this one!

Question 10: The ship has ejected some escape pods, sir!

Question 11: Commander! We have acquired some prisoners! What shall we do with them?

Question 12: Commander! Alliance is asking us to dock with their main vessel, the Traitor Fucker 9000 for promotions! What shall we do?

Question 13: They're attempting to FUCK us commander! What do we do??

Question 14: It's too late commander! Any final regrets?

Other thoughts

Lain scored: Bad Incarnation on 2021-07-31,02:31:04 said:

oh no! not a rock!

Random Name scored: Meh Incarnation on 2022-12-28,18:10:09 said:

this was really fun

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