My name is Jake.

Coolness Factor Test

Created by Jake Thoughts, on 25 May 2021.

This test determines JUST HOW COOL you are!!

Question 1: What are your favorite activates to do for fun?

Question 2: A man has asked you for help: he wants you to kill his grandmother and hands you a firearm. How do you respond?

Question 3: You see a turtle laying on its back. It is baking in the sun. You have the power to turn the turtle back on his feet. What do you do?

Question 4: You are on a subway train heading towards your home. You see, just briefly, as the cars of the train maneuver in such a way that allows you to see, a man beating a woman. What do you do?

Question 5: A homeless man asks you for change. How do you respond?

Question 6: You see a child, scared and alone. It has lost it's mommy but it is also in the possession of stolen goods. What do you do?

Question 7: You have successfully managed to hack (posers' word for crack) into the NSA's server! Congratulations! However, you only have time for one option... what do you choose?

Question 8: A cockroach runs across the floor! What do you do!?

Question 9: You are reading a newspaper, or an article written by a journalist. What do you do?

Question 10: Your son was came home crying because he was bullied. Unfortunately, the bully is a member of the protected class so the school district refuses to do anything about it. What is your response?

Question 11: You were invited to a cafe shop where they serve drinks of various kind. Everyone is looking at you. What do you order?

Question 12: You are driving on the road and you notice a particularly bioluminescent individual. What is you response?

Question 13: You notice, while attending your tenure at the College, someone has a book that you want. What is the best way to get the book?

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